3 Şub 2014

+Romantic shabby chic pastel bedding...Shabby chic in LOVE.....


sweet macarons...soft pink roses,fresh flowers and bed breakfast...romantic bed breakfast...

Romantik ev pastel cicek desenli shabby chic yatak ortusu...konforlu rahat ve shabby chic stili yatak ortusu...ciceklerle romantizm...konforlu shabby chic yatak ortusu, macaron,taze cicekler gunesli bir gun....

                                        Romantic bella rose teal bedding...pretty floral bedding...shabby and chic

pretty pastel style

Have a nice day.... :)

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1 yorum:

  1. Hi dear :-) Linen is so beautiful. I really like the light pastel colors and delicate floral pattern. But I really fell in love with pink round pillow. I have to have:-D Just don´t know where I can buy. It's a shame :-( I love it!
    Have a nice day! Simona