11 Mar 2014

+Romantic shabby chic : Gray as the new white ...

                                        Decorate with grey ...

Romantik evin masali
masalsi dekorasyon

romantic shabby chic blog

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Romantic ev blog-romantic evim-romantikkk evim- romantikk evim-taklitleri asillarini yasatir :)

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                                          romance in paris :)

 have a nice day ....

until next time stay shabby!! 

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4 yorum:

  1. Really beautiful. I like the gray color. Beautifully complemented with pink roses. I love so many candlesticks. A wallpaper is also beautiful... I like just everything:-D It's like a dream house. Thank you for your beautiful photos.

  2. Beautiful grays... Your photos are so inspiring! Have a nice day! ~ Vanessa