13 Nis 2015

Romantik Ev: Pastel Dekorasyon

ROMANTIK pasteller-FEMINEN stil- shabby chic detaylar- Romantik evim blog

Romantik Kalin...

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2 yorum:

  1. It is very sad that on your photos put the name of your blog, in the middle of the photo. They are beautiful photos but they are harmed by that signature in the middle is too invasive.......... I think it's not necessary if you are not selling your digital photos. You are free to do what you like, of course ...

    1. Hey Vilma,
      Thanks for your comment, but there are a lot ppl who steal photos and publish as their own which make me sad. I wasn't putting my watermark on my photos when I first started to publish my own home. This is the only way i can handle this situation. Some people publish on their blog, intstagram, facebook including few newspapers but no one gives me any credit. It doesn't really matter if i sell the photos or not it's my decision. That's interesting that people who steals my photos complaining about my signature LOL. and never leave positive feed back any of my posts. :))))) I hope you understand how i feel HUGS :)))